Products We Use

Upstate Marine uses some of the best products available. We offer Opti-Coat Pro Ceramic Coatings, EZ Armor, IGL and the full line of Jax Wax products. We now also are you local GatorStep dealer and installers!


Tired of that worn out carpet in your boat? GatorStep as you covered! GatorStep is a nonskid, stain resistant and UV protected replacement for marine carpet. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and we can make it fit almost any boat.


Opti-Coat Pro

It is a hard wearing ceramic clear coat, that is scratch resistant up to 9H. It offers protection from environmental impacts like UV damage and bird droppings. Provides better chemical resistance, scratch and mar resistance than any automotive paint protection coating in use.

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jax wax

They believe that the key to having great products is to use the best American-Made raw materials available. Some of what they offer is rinse-less wash, liquid carnauba, wheel and engine bay cleaner, spray wax, compounds, and interior care as well. We always be sure to have their microfiber towels in stock!


IGL offers marine and automotive coatings. The automotive coating is 100% silica content and eco friendly. It protects and preserves the exterior while reducing cost of maintenance. The marine coating was developed using nanotechnology that creates a layer of crystal-like coating to protect while maintaining a glossy finish. It protects against marine fouling, salt water, industrial pollution, temperature changes, scum and much more, all while being marine friendly.