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Life as an angler is pretty great if you have a boat to suit your needs. All you really need for a fishing boat is a vessel that floats, but if you want a boat that increases your efficiency in an incredibly convenient way, Upstate Marine in South Carolina has the goods. Find what you’re looking for by talking to one of our knowledgeable staff members who can matchmake you to any boat you describe.

  • New Fishing Boats for Sale in South Carolina

    Our South Carolina location offers an array of new fishing boats. Anglers who are excited about boating will be thrilled with all of the new features included in the new boats. The latest models consider the needs of modern anglers and do what it takes to provide great accommodations. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current boat or buy a new one outright, our experts can assist with your request.

  • Used Fishing Boats for Sale in South Carolina

    Though new options for fishing boats are great, fishing is as old as time. If all you need is a boat with some accommodations to take on the lake for fishing, we have a selection of used fishing boats that will most certainly do the trick. Take advantage of our used inventory in South Carolina by buying a used fishing boat. Not only do you save on cost, but you also get a fishing boat that’s in excellent condition.

  • Fishing Boats for Sale From Great Dealers

    With fishing boats from brands like Velocity, which are particularly accommodating to anglers, we have created a collection of great fishing boats for sale in South Carolina. Our brands specifically serve anglers who need space for all their gear and an area to keep what they catch. All these features and more are available in both our new and used models of fishing boats at our South Carolina location.

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At Upstate Marine in South Carolina, we make sure that all of your nautical needs are attended to and taken care of. Whether it’s buying a new/used boat, trading one in, addressing repairs, or acquiring items for enhanced fun and safety on the water from our pro shop, we can ensure you are covered. Our helpful staff is eager to address your questions and concerns about any of our products, programs, and services. Simply call, email, or visit us at our South Carolina boat dealership.

New boats For Sale in South Carolina

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