Viaggio Pontoon Boats for Sale in South Carolina: New & Used Viaggio Luxury Pontoon Boats

After 30 years of setting the standard for luxury, Misty Harbor decided to shake things up and completely change the game. They retired their previous lines and released the Viaggio line in 2021. Unlike their boats in the past, the Viaggio pontoon boat design incorporates three inch thick rails for a bold profile that turns heads on the water. And, fortunately, Upstate Marine has these incredible luxury pontoon boats for sale at our South Carolina dealership.

Viaggio by Misty Harbor Pontoon Boats for Sale in South Carolina

Our South Carolina customers know that when they want to invest in a Misty Harbor, they come to our dealership. We have numerous luxury pontoon boats for sale on our lot in South Carolina, all available for a test drive. Our team will walk you through all your options, showing you all those great features you keep hearing about. See for yourself why the Viaggio pontoon boats from Misty Harbor are second to none in performance and luxury, and why so many people in South Carolina love this line.

Used Viaggio by Misty Harbor Pontoon Boats for Sale in South Carolina

If a new luxury pontoon boat for sale isn’t in the cards for you, we totally understand. Our inventory of used Viaggio pontoon boats is sure to impress. Upstate Marine combines quality and value for all of our South Carolina customers shopping for a used boat. You don’t have to settle for an ancient pontoon boat that rattles and groans on the water in South Carolina when you’re buying used when a used Viaggio pontoon boat is available.

Affordable Luxury for South Carolina Boat Enthusiasts

Buttery soft, and easy to care for furniture are just some of the highlights of the Viaggio boats from Misty Harbor. Despite the extensive improvements to their pontoon boats, Misty Harbor still uses the same floor plans they are known for, so if you’ve been a fan of them in the past, you’ll still feel at home aboard the Viaggio line. Our South Carolina team is eager to show you how the Misty Harbor pontoon boats for sale are still the same brand you know and love, so stop by our dealership for a test drive today.

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